New Bauer Larson song surfaces online [Listen]


A new Bauer Larson track has made it's way online. It is labelled as a leak, which implies that it was never intended for release, but got released indirectly anyway. Bauer Larson has not publicly commented on the leak, but he is well aware of it. As a matter of fact, he inserted the song link in his twitter bio 3 weeks after it leaked to give the song legitimacy.

The track boasts tasteful production from Ultravelli, as well as a LoFi Delphonics sample in the very beginning of the song, which unexpectedly morphs into some 'neck breaking head bop' production. Bauer wastes no time and immediately jumps on beat with a raspy voice and urgent delivery. He bob and weaves his way through the production with an unpredictable, tenacious rhyme scheme and a memorable flow.

The cut appears to be incompletely mixed & mastered, it may possibly just be an unfinished demo. But we believe otherwise. Could it be a signal that new music is on the way? He did post an interesting & cryptic Tweet pertaining the status of his project quite recently. Or is could it just be a signal that there's a mole in Bauer Larson's camp? We don't have the answers, just the streaming link. 

Standout Lines:

"Never call it quits, cause my bitch she ain't counterfeit // Used to be my bestie now she know that the condom fit"

"Shawty cum so much her mama thought she had a dildo wait // Your cookie is my castle but I treat it like a condo aye"

"No no no don't follow me I'm busy so don't call on me // Females like their chocolate well I'm dark so they gon' swallow me // Smoking on that broccoli, I puff I pass apostrophe // She puff she pass then borrow me, the killer of our sorrows, we..."

"Your cookie is my castle but I treat it like a condo aye"

"They mock the words you speak and when they talk you praise they feet // You hanging with these niggas like they on your family tree"


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Article Publication Date : November 26 2018.

Updated : December 21 2018


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    FIRE ??????

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    Ipsam iste fugiat re

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