Four Takeaways from Bauer Larson's new interview with Thuthu '22' Maziya [Watch]

New Interview: Bauer Larson and 22 in conversation


Bauer Larson and Thuthu '22' Maziya met up in Bauer's home town of Mbabane for a conversation about his upcoming project,  collaborations, influence on peers, record labels and more. 

Prior to the imminent release of his new album, which is yet to be formerly announced, Bauer Larson has joined Thuthu '22' Maziya for a new interview exclusively on Bauer's YouTube channel. Watch the interview in full below.




Some takeaways from the conversation

-There are definitely guest features on his project

When asked about collaborations, he cryptically responded with "We got some rappers, we got some superstars on this project!". Bauer has never been one to shy away from working alongside equally as well as greater skilled artists from different ends of the creative spectrum. It'll be interesting to see how well he introduces other artists to his world as well as how much freedom they'll be given. He manged to divert the attention from his project to a shine light on a recent collaboration he made with Yang. He expressed how much fun he had working alongside Yang in between recording sessions for his own project. He even joked about Yang being a SoundCloud mumble rapper. "Outside of my project, I got to do a song with one of my favorite artists. You may have heard of him, he's a SoundCloud mumble rapper. His name is Yung,Yang (laughs) something ratchet like that." Yang can be heard chuckling from behind the camera at the banter. You can listen to the song below.


-Majority of the project was recorded in Taiwan

"Yeah so I live in Taiwan now". Bauer spent the past year living and attending university in Taiwan. He began work on the project at the start of the year, and commenced recording in June. He made it clear that although he's relocated halfway across the globe, that it hasn't had an influence on the overall style and aesthetic of his music. The only major influence the change of scenery has had has been on a psychological level. "I feel in Taiwan, there's not as many distractions as back home (Eswatini). So I get to focus on the music a lot more. (Taiwan) It's had an influence on the way I make music, on my mindset." He showed signs of being on the heels of an epiphany in regards to music and the world at large. His new environment seems to have literally shown him a new world given him a magnified focus. "I can't really make music for them, because of the language barrier. So it helps me put everything into perspective, so I know I'm making music for these people (core audience).

-He plans on remaining independent  

I'd like to show the people currently in positions similar to me, and all the people that'll come after me how much of an impact you can have without a record deal."


-Don't open the DM's

It's a lot of weird stuff in the DM's, I don't even check them anymore."



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