Bauer Larson unleashes buoyant new lead single "Eviction Notice" [Listen]

New Music: Bauer Larson - Eviction Notice

Eviction Notice serves as the official lead single for Bauer Larson's forthcoming Double EP, Behind Closed Doors. On Eviction Notice, Bauer details the perils of his past with the intent of uprooting the root cause of his vices. He shrugs off the guilt and shame he used to live with and evicts all forms of immorality from his life. He vividly reflects on his belligerent behavior with sobering lines like: "17 I had the gin in my cup//1818 swimming laps in my blood//The canny found a second home in my lungs//Till the Trinity done said enough is enough." 

He immediately follows up the line with a reference to Kanye Wests' infamous 2018 line "Slavery was a choice". He shines a positive light on Kanye's boldness and offers a fresh perspective on the situation which makes perfect sense within the context of the song. "No more tryna make it work if it don’t//Ye' said Slavery a choice and he chose//To yank the people out the box and it shows//Niggas can’t be wavy till they get off the boat." 

Eviction Notice is about knowing when to call it quits. The message is supported by infectious live instrumentation and catchy lyrics. Sunny keys and 
smooth vocals open the song, a slow and steady build up until Bauer's adlib arrives resembling an uninvited guest crashing a party. The bass guitar and 
percussion erupt simultaneously. The production is bright, upbeat and funky. Bauer skates all over this production showcasing multiple flows and his signature cadence. Although only an appetizer, it manages to somehow make us hungrier and anticipate Bauer's next release all the more. 

Song Credits 

Produced by Zee Will of blu majic beat co. 

Engineered by Nine 

Written by Gcinizwilenkhosi Bauer Dlamini, Zee Will 

Artwork by Wavy Gorilla 

Published by FROSTBITE, LLC




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