Bauer Larson Talks BCD, Career Highlights, Eswatini Music scene & More With Nusoulhub Radio

New Interview: Bauer Larson x Nusoulhub Radio 

Bauer Larson opened up about his creative process and personal life in a rare moment for Nusoulhub Radio's latest article, which hit the web on Friday (May. 15). The in depth interview provides a snapshot into the meaning and intention of his latest body of work "Behind Closed Doors".

With the soon to be 21-year-old having spent nearly two years in Changhua County, Taiwan since relocating from home for University. it's the first time he can finally settle down on his own with his own space. Bauer credits the unsaid energy oozing out of the Formosa that helps inspire him creatively. "Studying in Taiwan was the fresh start I didn’t know I needed. There are more opportunities, avenues, and resources available here for me to be creative. Being away from my friends and family allowed me to grow as a person," says Larson.

Larson also spoke about the diverse talent being produced in the Eswatini music scene, name dropping RK, Grixxly, Yáng, Amrig, Good Snacks, Brainz, ULTRV and more, also listing 'Khile as his favorite artist.

"There’s a lot of great music coming out. I don’t get to hear everything, but what finds its way to me is usually really good. We have amazing artists in the realm production like Good Snacks, ULTRV, Brainz, BeatNine09 & YungOvee. As of late, I’ve been listening to Yáng, RK, Grixxly & Amrig. Khile (FKA Kaizen) has been one of my favorite artists for a while now. He makes original, conceptual, and intellectual music. I love the honesty, complexity, and layers in his writing as well as the soundscapes and textures in his production choices. It’s only a matter of time before his music catches on. I can see him breaking out the borders into international territory." said Larson.

Bauer Larson pictured with Yáng

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