Bauer Larson releases long awaited debut EP 'Behind Closed Doors'

New Music: Bauer Larson - Behind Closed Doors

Bauer Larson releases long awaited debut EP 'Behind Closed Doors' after countless delays

Petitions from the people of Lars Vegas have finally been answered.

Larson released his highly anticipated (and highly delayed) "Behind Closed Doors" EP Friday (24/04/20), four months after his debut EP was originally scheduled to drop. 

It was a long, bumpy road to release. The artist first teased the project during the end credits of his interview with Swati born Journalist, on air correspondent and editorial producer Thuthu 22 Maziya and then briefly on the second & third episode of his BCD Mini Doc Series, "Le Noir w/ Yellow Bud" and "Industry Plant w/ Young Grixxly". All videos were released to the public during the September - November period of 2019. 

However, the first mention of the project was months earlier in an ambiguous tweet that sparked excited among the population of Lars Vegas. With one user tweeting "Can you make it early this year?" as well as Swati born rapper & producer Grixxly who added fuel to the fire tweeting "Finally, put me on production." 

November came and went without a word from Larson or anyone at his camp. December slowly crept up and all hope seemed lost. Until he reminded fans of his existence with an update on the completion of Behind Closed Doors, in the form of rare photo inside of Patrick Kung's studio with the caption "99.9% done. #MilkAndHoney"

The release seemed imminent and was confirmed within the next few hours to be arriving on the 27th of December, 2019.

But, no. Much like the original November release date, no new music awaited fans who logged on Dec. 27. The artist didn't announce a new release date, much to the dismay of his audience, who were less than thrilled.
"Please tell Lars to drop his album?" pleaded one fan. "WE WANT THE ALBUM" demanded another. Things seemed to be settling down. Until Larson appeared on the season finale of the "Real Talk Real Life Podcast", having an extended conversation with media personality and podcast host Suthu Nkambule. Their conversation was an interesting  and also served as an occasional look into Larson's personal life outside of music.


But momentum began to rev up again in April.  On Wednesday, the rapper tweeted the cover art and track-list for his EP along with a promise his new project would drop on Friday. 


By Friday, Lars was finally ready.

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