Bauer Larson drops in on "Real Talk Real Life" Podacast season finale

New Interview: Bauer Larson & Suthu Nkambule in conversation

In the Season Finale, RTRL Podcast host was joined by @bauer.larson for an honest and in depth 40 minute conversation on Music, Creative Community, Expectations, Social Media and more.

Over the course of the sit down, Bauer gradually came out of his shell and shed some light on the reasons behind his social media hiatus. As well as the results from it. The two also spoke about entering new markets and discussed the correlation between reputation and product identity with consumers. Prompted by Fufu, Lars broke down how a change of scenery altered his approach to Music and creative work altogether. He also expressed excitement to see how vast they both could grow their reach in a foreign environment, while finding their footing in unfamiliar territory.

He further explained how he managed to surpass his regular work rate and picked apart the thought process that led him to creating more frequently. He mentioned how having too many options to choose from slowed down his decision making process which altogether halted the flow of creativity. He strongly believes limitations stimulate outside the box thinking. 💭


Listen to the full interview below:

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