Bauer Larson announces new music on the horizon for 2019.

News: Bauer Larson Teases New Project

Today marks 190 days since the 26th of November 2018. The day an unreleased Bauer Larson track (Hold a bottle Prod. Ultravelli) was leaked onto the internet by the songs producer, Ultravelli. The song captured the hearts of many and was immediately met with quiet acclaim from audiences and producers alike. It is very apparent that if it wasn't for the song leaking online, we may have never even got to hear it. Larson has admitted to having a hard time dealing with perfectionism in the past, citing perfectionism as a gateway trait with potential to expand into more toxic traits like comparison, procrastination and idealism. Larson over the past two years has maintained an unconventionally low profile and safe distance from social media. We know he has been hard at work, we just wonder if he knows the last thing we expect from him is a perfect body of work at this stage of his career. Situations like these make you wonder what else is laying dormant on Larson's hard drive.

Which brings us to this tweet. The possibility of new Bauer Larson music hitting our airwaves in 2019 seems incredibly feasible. From analyzing the above tweet, we can decipher that there is an unreleased Bauer Larson project in existence. We can't be sure whether or not this project is 2018's 9 track EP "The Existential Asthmatic" or a brand new project. However the latter seems more likely.

This tweet could be interpreted in one of two ways. It could either mean that Larson has finally made a near flawless project that meets his every need or, he has learnt how to love and accept his projects in their raw forms. 

Whichever one it is, we just need some new music from the man. If it were up to us, we'd have Ultravelli leak Lars' music all over again.

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