Rhythmitis just released his smoothest song ever with Bauer Larson [Listen]

New Music: Rhythmitis - Pacifist Freestyle (Feat. Bauer Larson)

No matter what you think about Rhythmitis, nobody can deny that he's one of the most talented producers in the industry. He's proven time and time again that his musical output has no limits and his recent collaboration with Bauer Larson is a prime example. 

The new track, is a smooth and buttery LOFI tune that is made complete with soothing and subtle deep bass. Bauer Larson showcases his distinct lyrical style and cadence, leaving us with a some quotable and memorable lines.

"I seen a lotta these Nigga’s get lottery figures and switch when they splitting they pie // Act like they homies when really they not // Neighbors with yes men they living a lie."

"Easy bake rappers be hot for a minute and 2 minute noodles don’t ever go pop."

Listen to the song below

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