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Bauer Larson, Skullcandy, skullcandy headphones, TDE, Southern African Hip Hop, Independent Rapper

Bauer Larson

Years Active [2015 - Present]

Gcinizwilenkhosi Bauer Saint. Larson Dlamini (born May 22, 1999) known professionally as Bauer Larson is a Southern African rapper, songwriter, executive music producer, record engineer & screenplay writer from the North Western city Mbabane. Located in the Hhohho region of the Kingdom of Eswatini.

In the year 2015, Larson began recording and writing music out of his high school dormitory in the 10th grade with one of his closest friends at the time (Ultravelli). Their passion was so alluring that it began attracting onlookers and support from around the school. Larson and Ultravelli became the founding members of the now dissolved rap super group; Penetration Records Better known as P.O.D. The group consisted of Ultravelli (Formerly known as Ultramel), Q Boy Chuck2BearTrap Sivart and Bauer Larson (Formerly known as 2Brace). They collectively couldn't afford to work with producers or in a professional audio space with studio equipment. Initially, this was a roadblock until POD chose progression over stagnation and made do with what they had. They downloaded their favourite hip hop instrumentals as well as "type beats" to write raps to. They went on to record all of their material on Larson's Laptop Mic in their dorm using the free audio software Audacity. This process birthed infamous and legendary POD posse cuts such as "Numbers on the board", "Our Problems", "Reality or fiction", "Reckless Freestyle" and the DCMG diss track "Exposure".

The greatest strength the group possessed was its diversity. With each member having a very distinct personality and cadence, their songs could take unexpected turns at any given time. Listeners were kept on their toes not knowing what or who to expect next. P.O.D fever was so contagious that it took over the school and garnered the group a large audience with various active participants in their movement, all throughout the school for the remaining duration of the year.

In the following year, (2016) Larson unwillingly transferred to a new High School on the other side of the country due to complaints from various teachers pertaining his behaviour and lackluster grades. The move not only distanced him from his friends and musical collaborators, it also left him feeling dis-powered and without the drive to make music. This changed when he met Sibusiso Greg Malambe better known by his stage name Young Grixxly, at his new school. While Larson was taking a break from music, Grixxly was tirelessly developing and fine tuning his sound and approach to music at the time. Larson instantly became a huge fan of Grixxly's music and the two of them gradually became good friends, which led to Larson temporarily managing Grixxly's career for a short period of time. In an effort to help release Grixxly’s potential out into the world, Larson went on to executive produce and record engineer Grxxly’s debut project, Sunday Drive EP. The 9 song project omitted musical guests and featured an accessible storyline as well a s a few cameos from Larson himself. It was independently released via Young Grixxly's SoundCloud in February of 2017.

Standout Tracks: Afternoon Drive, Summer Stories Interlude, Days on the road, Highweii & Sunset Drive

Later that same year (2017), Larson reprised his roles as executive producer and recording engineer when he reuinted with estranged POD member 2Bear to craft 2Bear's debut mixtape, Grey Tick the Blue Ticker. (Stylized as GTTBT) The 6 song project was entirely built around 'type beats' found on YouTube and contained one sterling featured guest verse from POD associate 'Uncle Chives' on the urgent ''Trap House Freestyle'. With a brief run time of 18 minutes, it's no surprise that the project was made in the short span of 14 days (Including mixing + mastering). 2Bear opted for an intimate release of the mixtape, choosing to individually distribute the project amongst peers and mutual friends instead of mass distributing it on the internet. The project was well received by majority of listeners.

Standout Tracks: Wanna See U, Radio & Extra

Larson spent the rest of the year working on his demo tape and on a collaborative EP with Young Grixxly. Both projects never saw the light of day due to scheduling issues and a lack of studio time. After graduating from High school at the end of 2017, Larson went on to work on a solo project entitled The Existential Asthmatic EP. The 9 track project never had a formal release date and gradually adopted mythical status due to multiple delays. The projects existence was made evident on the 26th of November 2018, when record producer Ultravelli  leaked an unreleased song off of Larson's project entitled Hold a Bottle produced by him. The song was never taken down, and can still be found on Larson's official Audiomack and YouTube Channel. Sadly, the rest of the project didn't follow in the same path and remains unreleased till this day.

Standout Tracks: Hold a Bottle




  • Producer of the Year 2017  - MICSC Matric Farewell Dinner Awards


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