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FKA "Wavy Gorilla"  Bauer Larson is an independent Southern African artist & writer with a distinct voice and colorful skill-set. His music often rotates between exuberant optimism and harsh realism. His music can be classified (but not limited to) as Hip Hop and Rap music, with subtle elements of Jazz and Funk.  Most notable (in early 2020) for His debut EP 'Behind closed doors'. The  self released project was met with resounding acclaim among audiences and critics alike. It dominated the Apple Music charts, skyrocketing to number 1 on the Hip Hop & Rap charts and peaking at number 4 across all genres.


"Hailing from the Kingdom of Eswatini (FKA Swaziland) this young rapper and producer has created a track that ties together elements of some of the more exciting developments in Hip-Hop and filters them through a fresh ear." - Tometotheweathermachine  


"Bauer Larson’s track, Hold A Bottle, is hard hitting anthem about things that Bauer went through in his life. You can hear in the emotions of his vocals that pain was involved, it was love, it was distrust and growth." - TheOak - JadeOakmedia


Lars is obsessed with the minor details that most people overlook and he is known for planting layered Easter Eggs throughout his songs much to the delight of rap nerds and music critics. Lars values personal growth immensely and this is evidenced by the way his sound evolves project by project, much to the dismay of typical 'Type Beat' producers. His approach to music prioritizes and encourages transparency along with vulnerability, with emphasis on discerning who, where, when and why. Which gave him access develop an intimate relationship with his budding audience. His ideas together with his creativity grow more ambitious and risky with each release. Keeping his  modest, devoted and ever expanding fan-base on their toes.



Lars draws inspiration from his own life experiences and occasionally applies the outward perspective of someone else in his music. He honed in on this skill by studying great storytellers from varied ends of the creative spectrum. mostly audio and visual artists.  This includes filmmakers like Phil Lord, The russo brothers & christopher Nolan, Digital and print artists like Sue Tsai, Shantell Martin & Lethabo Huma,  as well as Creative & Innovation juggernauts such as Puno, Steve Wozniak and Jurgen Klopp. His music has a wide variety of influences including Andre 3000, Chance The Rapper, Isaiah Rashad, Noname, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, Saba, Mereba, Kendrick Lamar and Childish Gambino to name a few.

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